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Dwelling layouts.

Layouts .. of dwellings... single bedroom flat, double bedroom and 3BHK flat layouts. 

Unique world of "Design"

"Designs" a unique way to decor your habitats, offices , spaces etc. Its a feel good brings lots of positive energy to the spaces. Give you a unique combination of life and emotions.. to carry and live differently.  Simple.. well designed and well managed spaces can easily lift up your dull and drowsy moods to brightness and liveliness.  Its the effects of colors, its the blend of uniqueness ... beauty and wonderful idea's that brings in the life in your dull boring rooms and spaces.  Small little things like ... paintings, colorful pillows, accessories, wall hangings, flower vases, ceramic pots and cutlery, colorful collection of tiles, smooth soft fabrics, picture frames, rugs, carpets etc. can easily charm up your boring life and spaces. This is the "unique world of design and decors" 

Mera ek humsafar hai.

Zindagi ki raah pe ,Sath chalti ek sadak hai  Girte girte ..kabhi sambhate , Chalna bedharak hai  Koi toh hai mansil.. Mubarak ye safar hai Ruke na ruke.. tute na tute kabhi  Bus meri sanse hee..mera ek humsafar hai. Dhoop bhi kabhi .. kahin pe chaao hai  Zami pe kabhi..toh zami ke niche paao hai Kho jaane ka mann kare..kaisa yeh asar hai Khubsoorat si ish duniya mai Bus meri saanse hee.. mera ek humsafar hai. Ish asmaa ki tarah.. ishka naa koi choor hai Aane wale kal ki tasvir bhikari har ore hai Aane wale lamho se chalte bekhara hai Naa agge ka pata ..naa piche ki kharab Bus meri saanse hee.. mera ek humsafar hai. 

Wardrobe Designs.

Wardrobes.... the most important element for ample of storage and to keep your belongings safe and secure from dust and other things. Its the only way... which prevents scattering things around. So keep it simple, work efficient, accessible , suitable with your room designs and should have the material which is long lasting for years. Proper selection of wardrobe according to room size and need is important ..or you may ruin up with your designing and decor's. Proper management of wardrobe shelves, drawers, hangers etc are as important as selecting the right kind of wardrobe with your matching designs and interior's. 

Residential Layouts & 3D view.

Residential layouts.. being escorted with 3d views...!! 

Office plan furniture layout.

Office plan layout with furniture planning and settings.  Cocktail of ... old and new idea's for office settings. 

Colorful nest.. habitat..!!

Colorful nest for the birds of regular life....... to get the spark  and to come out of the boring lifestyle and routine. It will bring the sparkling change in your living.. ! Few colorful curtains, laminates, pillows, walls..with light and bright combination.. can bring up the funky and positive change to your habitats and work station at homes. So, are you ready for these colors. Let your interiors hug them.. feel them..and give you the best place to live in and to be in. 

Office Storage Solutions.

Office .... storage one of the challenging job.. as you need to maintain the dignity, design, decor, appearance, of office. You just can mess up with cabinets and racks. You need to choose for smart, trendy, modern , aesthetically sound, compact, effective in utilization ..sort of storage. So, here's the solution ..for your unsolved office storage problems... !!! Even you can simply renew your old office settings and storage with these trendy, funky, amazing storage cabinets and open racks. They are aesthetically sound and perfect in giving up perfect utilization. Keep an eye on the market... take a look.. search for storage solutions.. and here you are with variety of solutions. Keep your office young and trendy with such cabinets, baskets, racks, designs etc. Such cabinets and racks are cost effective, efficient in designs and utilization, evergreen and has a good long enrich the beauty of your office world.