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Intelligent Interiors Lighting.

Lighting do play a vital role to charm up and complete the feel and look of interiors. So, it is quite important to understand and use interior lighting in playful as well as intelligent manner to get that touch,feel and look. Here's sharing few examples of perfect intelligent interior lightnings.. cool, calm and simply awesome.

Taj Mahal - Architectural Beauty.

Personal visit to the TajMahal is quite important if you are a true lover of architecture and civil work. It not only opens up your design ideas but also inspires you to think differently and go for some apex designing and style. Yes, that's Taj for you. 7th wonder of the world .. situated in the beautiful city of Uttar-Pardesh Agra. In-fact, in short "the city of Taj".  With the alluring beauty of Taj and it's architectural detailing, carving, work on marble and in-craved Urdu script makes it the most unique and must visit architecture site. Not only that, with the changing day light mode to evening mode it really amaze you with its awesome marble color changing beauty.  The intricate work on marble, spiral work running down the arches, carving, and the color of marble makes it the most awesome and special architecture of the world. In one word it is simply "the beauty".  Not just the "Taj Mahal" but the

Beautiful Mughal Architecture.

Here's few snaps of my visit to Agra Red Fort. Beauty of architecture is always a pleasure to watch and go through. More you explore architecture more you feel like to go into its depth and know the facts of civil, design and work.

Colorful Interesting Kitchen.

Normally when we talk about kitchen color and design we tend to go for basic two colors or we go by the woods and marble combination. Imagine a kitchen with some different touch of different colors and brightness. Break the laws of design ethics and color combination to make something look actually interesting as well as refreshing. Pour in the different color under one kitchen roof to make it look go "wow", "mesmerizing" and always inviting to cook yummy recipes. Colorful cabinetry and furniture setting will surely improve the class and style of your boring and dull kitchen. It will add in the dramatic touch and interesting design aspects to make your kitchen look and feel unique. Back-splash tiles, or back-splash walls can add in more charm and uniqueness to your kitchen if played with some interesting color combination. Do no make it look wild and over bright but yaa one should balance the touch of colors in a smoothing and welcoming manner.

Gorgeous Red Living Rooms.

Living room is said to be designed in a very cool, calm and peaceful manner. That's the reason most of the time it is being seen in cream, light blue, pink, light green or in different tints of colors (not shades). When it comes to living room design and color ideas most of us actually ignore or keep aside some of the bright and vibrant colors. Red is one of them. But have you actually ever thought of giving your living room a real piece of charm, brightness with definite elegance and class. If yes, then "Red" is the color you are being looking up for and couldn't find or figure out with.  Here are few benefits of Red over other colors for your living room:  It makes your living room forever young,charming, elegant and classy forever.    Being Red is a unique in itself. Your living room will not sound as the other regular living rooms. It has its own unique beauty forever.   It is forever ready to entertain all the kind of seasons, occasions, gu

Trendy Kitchen Designs.

Trendy kitchen designs sets up the fire in the world of design with its comfort, style and attitude. Kitchen counters or slabs with some extra edges and cuttings gives it a whole new look, trend and comfort of seating for snacks to the family and friends.  One can even get a niche styling counter design to put in the kitchen stuff in order and easier in reach. Basic idea is to get some extra counter space in style and attitude for snacks or to manage in the kitchen stuff in much of the more organized and segregated manner.  Do not just add a counter space to your kitchen, in-fact add more style, trend and elegance to your kitchen with this smoothing cool idea.