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Layout of hotel rooms -2

Sharing few more plan layouts of hotel room. :)  Will get back soon........... :) :) :)

Kuch kami reh gai kismat mai.

Pedh se gire tinke ko chaaow kahan khishki hui zami pe tike paaow kahan tute khawabo ko na mile do pal rahat mai  do kadam sath chale .. phir ruke  sayad phir ... kuch kami reh gai kismat mai. Aashiyane ki deewaro mai woh awaaz kahan uljhein alfaazo mai woh saaz kahan maanga dilse ushe.. sukun naa mila chahat mai kamzor pool banaya khawaishon kaa..  sayad phir.. kuch kami reh gai kismat mai.  Mushkilo mai koi raha asaan nai  meri saanso ke aab koi armaan nai socha milegi mohabaat rab ki ijaazat mai  par phir woh modh aagaye ..  sayad phir .. kuch kami reh gai kismat mai.  copyright, All Rights Reserved 2013, Richa Gupta

The Blue City of India.. Jodhpur.

Jodhpur ... a city........ where there is not difference between the sky and buildings...... amazingly poured in "the color of sky- blue" ... sky is touching every building..or buildings are touching sky... difficult to say. Ask a local why all the houses are painted blue and the usual reply is that the color keeps the interiors cool and fends of mosquitoes.... I know... blue is a cool color.. but seriously ... will that work for the whole city... it seems that the sky has fallen down to the earth. :) A place which is must visit..because of its color... old architecture..amazing building... an awesome palace ... the great fort ... and year long it has its bright sunny look on for its residents and traveler's. 

Hotel room plans & layouts.

Hiee.......... all .. here sharing few plan layout of hotel rooms. Simple to understand and easy to make. May be they might help you in understanding hotel projects and designing them. :) :) Will share more of them soon :) 

Create positive vibes @ home.

Home made wind chime....with "so called waste" of your home ... try them converting into some useful and positive things.. use empty wine bottles..  cold drink canes .. hangers .. Cd's ..spoons ..stones.. get some beads ..take out threads .. just be crazy to create it..! Colorful ..bright ... positive ... cute and adorable .. right... !! Even you can make it...  just have to be bit creative and bit crazy to work in different manner. :) :) :) 

My visit to Udaipur Palace..!

An amazing place to visit... so colorful lively .. Udaipur... city of lakes.. and palace... My wonderful...colorful... memorable trip to Udaipur.......... Rajasthan. Palace of Udaipur... a must visit... meant in such a beautiful manner ... with marble.. glass ..paints .. etc. Absolute treat to eyes and your design world. Architecture so measured... so bright .. perfect example of scientific and practical construction.  Kitchen of Udaipur palace..... just a click of it.  Absolute royal architecture ...... with so much of balanced designing and work. Don't miss a chance to visit "city of lakes" ....... its worth it.. !!