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Modern splash of Victorian design.

Victorian designs had always being impressive and loved by all but with the changing time, personal choices they are just found in pictures now. What if we get them back in our modern life with a modern touch of styling and new splash of impressive looks.  It will be like re-adding the flavor of Victorian age to your modern and contemporary house and villas. Let each and every inch speak royal, luxurious and classy with its unique touch of modernization with the pinch of old age.  Let your living room, bedroom, home study, small library, etc. go really appreciating and awesome just by adding the old Victorian styling in a modern touch of slight curves, light lofts, huge ceiling heights, long curtains, silk upholstery, colorful cushions of today's era etc.  Make it more precious and ultimate with few heart touching accessories like chandelier, table lamps, flower vases on the mantel or on the study table etc. Its your home.. make it lovable and large with sm

Wet rooms designing.

Wet rooms technically speaking the stylish shower rooms for your relaxing, peaceful and tidy bath. Keep your bathroom clean, green and dry with the help of wet rooms and bathroom designing in such kind of styling. Innovative and seductive shower rooms or say wet rooms invites you to be in and relax for few minutes in your personal and sweet time. It is time to forget about the standard meager sized shower heads that dribble out an apologetic and spluttering jet, and the bog-standard off-the-rack cubicles that imprison you in their boring surrounds. Make a new knock with wet rooms to get a sweet and pleasureful shower anytime you want.  It is just not the shower bath anymore it’s a water fall of relaxation in the room which is aesthetically sound, unique, saves a lot of bathroom space.   Customize it well with amazing waterfall shower heads with LED lights in it. LED lights are great for use in bathrooms, and programmable sets will even allow you to change their color to suit y

Crystal tiles for Interiors.

Crystal tiles an unique way to design your interiors with grace, charm and ever green beauty. They are compact and small  in size and shape but has an impressive visual impact when used in interiors. Provide your interiors with a luxurious touch of crystal tiles.  They are easy to clean and install. Perfectly suitable for bathroom areas, wall areas (niche designs), reception counter walls etc. They have the inherent quality to shine and glow up the interiors. No need for any extra maintenance.  Available in endless variety and textures to charm up your interior settings. Match your interior design with different colors and textures of crystal tiles. They are a perfect blend for over all decor of any space.  Crystal tiles are one stop solution for styling, quality, durability and charm. Quite affordable in budget and can fabricate your interior design into a master peice. Its various sizes and shapes gives you flexibility to choice according to your wal

3D Model of rooms.

3D model ..interior designing of different rooms. 

Kitchen back-splash tiles.

Kitchen with little drama, spice of design and ultimate looks can actually give us much more than just good food and best health. Creating the perfect right environment and healthy attitude design for a kitchen is the key of such special and sweet recipe which can work on perfectly on every dish and service. Install back-splash tiles for instant chic, brightness, color and drama to the kitchen place. Make your kitchen more interesting and amazing with this easy go to design idea.  For the perfect results and a picture perfect of your  kitchen  you need to look after the kitchen size, match it up well with you cabinetry designs and laminates, counter location, wall area and overall paint colors of the wall. After all, it is important to fix in the appropriate and most suitable back-splash tiles to fabricate the most wonderful and amazing kitchen place.They not only tend to design up your walls but  they do protect them well from daily oil, spice effects and provides it a durabi

Rooms with different designs.

Interior designing is a way to catch different kind of life style, design innovations, lively touch to the spaces according to your personal choices and budget. Here are few room with a very rare and awesome touch of design ideas which can turn your simple rooms into design wonders and aesthetically lovable place.  Give your kitchen seating area a range of fire design with some red lighting, colorful cushions and a long table bench. Putting in cushions and red light in kitchen is quite rare but it produces an awesome combination to your cooking place and recipe.  Sit inside and enjoy the lap of nature with a long wall surroundings of glass in your living room area. Get in direct touch with nature 24/7 without any distraction and disability. Fabricate your simple living room into the wonderful sight of nature and peace. Simple tool behind is the long lengthily fully glass walls.  White is the color which can be easily blended with any kind of pattern, design and other co

Living room in 3D colors.

Living room in 3d colors, means in 3d model design work with more of the clear furniture placement, architectural details, decor effects, illumination effects etc.