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T.V. Wall Unit Designs.

T.V wall units designs can create an impression in your living room if well designed and even has the power to ruin up your living room designing if not placed and designed properly. It can be an emphasis or a focal point to get most of the attraction and centrally designed. Better to keep it less messy or over dominating.  T.V wall unit and T.V both has their own importance and designing preferences. Pay attention to both of them and their placement. Don't let the T.V get hidden behind wooden racks or shelves. Keep variety of shelves or racks to occupy versatile things at a place.  Cultivate your T.V wall unit area with sober and soft colors. Bright or vibrant colors may distract you while watching television. Over designing or messy wall may obstruct in developing a well designed and well planned living room or family area.  T.V wall unit is especial in its own way. Make is more especial and unique by installing few spot lights and shelve  or rack lights

Simple & Seductive Designs.

Amazing and speechless work of design, art and decors around the world. Some very simple yet very attractive design works. Who asks you to add in luxurious flavor of design every where .. one can keep it simple and attract millions. It's just an intelligent play to go with. Cushion up your simple wooden sofa with some bright colored fabrics. Put in life to your dull furniture as well as to your living room area or wherever the sofa is placed.  Make your living room go pink .. add the flavors of baby colors, baby prints, art, floral prints, etc. Make it more attractive and elegant with white walls around. Let each and every inch of the room speak language of baby design for a unique combination for your living area.  Keeping the dinner area simple and formal at times is not bad. The elegance personified with pure dignity of design poured into it.  Home study or home office can be interesting as well. Texture up the wall for that interesting element and add some

Romantic Bedroom Settings - For Newly Wed's.

Time to filter in the romance in your master bedroom. Newly wed's here are some sweet romantic and nice ideas to make your room more comfortable, inviting, sweet and romantic. Here are some key details to make your room look more luxurious and decently romantic even if you’re just starting out. Highlight the bed: It is a  master bedroom, after all.  Don’t be afraid to make the bed the focus and make the message romantic. If you don’t have a headboard, call on a little creativity to help make the bed attractive and inviting.  Paint can be useful here.  Use a warm accent color on the wall behind the bed.  Paint the rest of the room a softer color. Time to show off your romance : You can hang a group of pictures above the bed, or images from from your honeymoon or a special trip together. Use luxurious linens on the bed.    Take advantage of the cozy feel and inviting texture of fabric for the real wow sweet factor.    Place a soft throw, a folded plush blanket or a few

Contemporary Indian wall Paneling.

Indian wall paneling in a contemporary and stylish manner. All for interiors and exteriors. Pamper your wall with modern trendy stylish wall paneling. Keep your interiors well connected with to wall designs as well. Do not lack the design effect by just keeping the walls undressed and dull.  Dress them up with different wall panel materials with different texture and effects. You may go for single color wall as well as multi-colored wall depending upon the room size, room purpose, wall shape and size. Effective wall paneling brings out the real design of your imaginations. Wall is a good space to be used up and utilized well by designing and putting up few open racks, glass shelves, creating niches etc.  Even let the exterior walls get designed by some wonderful wall panel designs. Why just normal exterior painting.. ?? Why not more impressive and more efficient than that. Let it be in wood, metal, fiber, plastic, etc. whatever may be which suits your requirement, your budge

3d Model of Living Room.

Black & White 3d Model of living room. 

Office Waiting zone Furniture.

Office furniture usually should have formal and dignified look for that "office atmosphere". Let the furniture be as silent and sincere as office atmosphere but make sure its comfortable enough for the people working in and coming in.  Waiting zone is an area which has to accommodate variety of guests or many guests may be at the same time. An effective office design is consider that waiting areas offer the first impression to clients and use them to communicate the corporate brand and culture. The very first impression is made with the formal and comfortable  well designed and dignified furniture placement and furniture designing. Furniture color and design do matters a lot. Variety of furniture if placed at the same place create a non-monotonous and interesting combination for the waiting zone of any office. Keep your clients busy in waiting area with interiors and designing of the waiting zone. Entertain them with books on the center table.  Le

Residential Awnings. (Ideas and Design)

Residential awnings are to create that extra shaded space to sit back, to enjoy the outer view of your residential area. A residential or sun-setter awnings transforms your  deck or patio into a beautiful "outdoor room" where you and your family will love to spend time. It's a great place to entertain guests, friends, family, eat, or simply kick back and relax. Moreover,  Dimming LED Lights will extend your awning enjoyment into the evening by allowing you to "set the mood" under the stars and calmness of the evening.  Residential awnings provides protection to your home from direct sun-rays falling inside and keeps your home cool and calm during glaring hot summer time. Enjoy the outdoors rain or shine. A Sun Setter or a residential awnings installed at your outdoor patio or outer courtyard  gives you shade and protection when you want it, but retracts when you want to enjoy the sun. They too enhance the beauty of your outdoors and landscaping plans. 

Heaven on Earth - By Designing.

Heaven on earth... by the means of designing connecting directly to the nature and beautiful world. Amazing outdoor designs from around the world. Eye catching and mesmerizing place to be in and spend your very personal time with your loved ones and family.. !!  Capture the beauty of sea with amazing work of architecture so well connected to the nature. An evening so silent yet speaks loudly the words of peace, calm and beauty.  Relax your busy time under the sky of colorful arrangements, comfortable seating with adorable cushion sets, wood flooring and view to stare at for hours.  Date yourself by the side of sea shore .. plan up your holidays for the most amazing and fabulous work of design which is directly connected to natural beauty.  Curl up here with a book .. or music in your ears. Spend a quality time to relax back and enjoy your vacations with such pleasant and inviting work of design and architecture.  Its literally .... heaven on the earth to