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Lesson 4- Residence design guidelines (Aashiyaana)

Hi..! Well logging in after few days.... was busy with my work but was missing my blog and my readers.Anyways, have something really interesting & good to share with you all. Designing a residence is not only an interesting job as well as its a very challenging job. Not only requirements are considered in fact taste of each person is to be taken care off. Here are few guidelines to make a building  a aashiyaana to live in. Residential designing involves following factors that must be take care of : Much free & much more personal : Always remember , while designing for a residence we have lots more space to accommodate our skills as well as is more personal space to work on. We have to always take care of the "privacy factors" while giving designs to residence.  According to the occupants : Residence consists of different types of rooms  & its occupants. For example kids room , bed room , guest room , family room , living room , dinning sp

Yeh pata hai mere ehsaash ko..!

Hie there....  thought of to share few lines from my life..which i wrote just to inspire myself and thousand other's who'r struggling to get aim of their life... hope this may boost your dreams ..  :) :)  Raastein toh hain , magar manzhilon ki khoj hai Chalna hai bina ruke.. kosish yeh har roz hai bus kam na padh jaaye zindgi, kadmo ki talaash ko  wahi hain kahin khawab mere ... yeh pata hai mere ehsaash ko..! Kho gai thi saansen kahin, aab paa kar rahege woh sapne suhaane dhup lage ya jhaawon rahe .. nahi denge kisi ko lakiren churaane haar pal lagi hai umeed , mere jivan ki har assh ko wahi hain kahin khawab mere  ...yeh pata hai mere ehsaash ko .. !! Ruthe jo manzil kabhi , ushe manaa lenge hum tute jo dil kabhi .. dard ko nibhaa lenge hum boondien naa  kam padh jaaye, kamiyaabi ki ish pyaas ko wahi hain kahin khawab mere ... yeh pata hai mere ehsaash ko.. !!! Thanks for reading..... your comments and view will help me a lot in writing more.. :) :)  get co

Yeh masoom zindgi.. !

Jaane kis ke liye bani , jaane kis ke liye mili zindgi toh paheli hain , faank faank dheere se chili khamosh raha thi meri , mil gai woh bandhagi  jaane kis ke liye hai.....yeh masoom zindgi.. ! Khush bhi hue kabhi , toh hue kabhi khud se naraaz kuch uljaine sulzi kismat ki, hain kuch aaj bhi raaz kuchal dia dil ki pankudi ko , kaisi thi woh dil lagi jaane kis ke liye hai..yeh masoom zindgi ... !! Mitta bhi lo hatho se , lakiro se kaise door jaaoge kosish karlo jitni bhi, zindgi se na bhaag paaoge  malum hai jitne bhi andhera ho, pass aayegi woh roshni jaane kis ke liye hai.. yeh masoom zindgi .. !!! R.Gupta  Apart from Interior Designing , poetry writing is one of my passions. Thought of to share few words of emotions with you guys. :)  My fb link : copyright, All Rights Reserved 2013, Richa Gupta

Inspiring lines for my life ...!!!

There always a inspirational or inspirational situations that makes a person... what he/she is today. I am thankful to  my mummy papa , my teachers and few situations of life for teaching me & making me what i am today. Here , i wanna share few great inspirational quotes of great legends which has always inspired me in different circumstances of life....  Thanks to the websites for posting these beautiful write up's  of these legendary people. Thanking the website : I avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward. - Charlotte Brontë Every artist was first an amateur. -Ralph Waldo Emerson Along with success comes a reputation for wisdom. - Euripides Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. - Thomas Jefferson There is only one success--to be able to spend your life

Lesson 3 - Drawings ...Medium to Convey your Design Idea..!!

Drawings/Drafting working on Auto Cad, Max , Google sketch-up or Smart Draw hardly makes any difference , because of all these are connected with the "presentation of your idea's" . They are just a medium to show your idea's to your client. Through these drawings made on any software or manual drawings clients can just visualize your mind and your designs and they helps putting a real picture of your design in front of your client. But before making any drawings or presentations you need to know "each & every technical" aspects of your subject and how to lay down your idea's on paper or software. Plan : It is  a top view of any area,space, furniture etc. It can present aerial view of an architectural form , furniture placement or complete design idea.  It describes the dimensional arrangements , patterns of contained & surrounding space. Building Section : It shows wall to wall arrangement of designs, furniture or plan. Work exactly th

Vastu Tips for "Rock-stars of your life"

Vastu Tips For Children's Room..... We are always so concerned about our little stars of our life... since their birth till their completion of education ... there career...etc. we always try to give best to our world.. "kids".. why not to spare few moments to learn about "vastu tips"..for  there room... Its study and try... but may be beneficial for your little star.. n can make a difference in their live's. So lets give it a try........what say... The apt direction for constructing children's room is west. Apart from that, west, northwest, northeast and southeast directions can also be used for constructing kids' room. Totally avoid the southwest direction In a kid's room, the bed can be placed in the southwest corner. Place the bed in such a way that your child has his/ her head facing the east or south direction, while sleeping. It is recommended to avoid placing the mirror on the opposite side of the bed. If you want

Holi ke rang .. sada rahen apke sang :) Happy Holi

Happy Holi to all my dear viewers , readers , friends..bandhu sakha.. :)  Design your life...... with the colors of Holi... n fill each n every moment with sweetness of Kujiya.. get drunk in Happiness of bhag... celebrate heart beats of your loved one's wishes and blessings. :) :) :) Colors and holi are incomplete without each other.. so is the designing incomplete without colors.... n every color has it own significance... so don't waste any chance to get dipped in all "brightness and fun" with colors ... sweets .. bhang... & dance masti. :) Color your life's with  RED - for prosperity... GREEN - for happiness.... BLUE - for longevity... ORANGE - for progress... PINK - for friendship...  YELLOW - for knowledge...  and mix all of them......... for a very very  HA P P Y & C OLO RFU L HO LI ... !!! :) :) :) Further.... lets have a talk..

Lesson 2 - Types of Interiors & Principles to design..!

In my previous post we discussed about "designing n decoration" , "designing elements n principle" and now its time to study further about interior designing. Interior Designing is just not the part of any residential or commercial building its much more and wide than that & for each construction requirements  are different and we need to understand requirement of each and every space according to its purpose and people. Lets first categorize different types of interior's who always wait for a designer to give them a atheistic n useful looks. So here they are : Residential Designing : Under this category comes all "the habitats" of the people around the world. Weather its small, large or medium in size.. it hardly matters. We need to give our creative skills to all the habitats according to its size , requirement of the people living in  & satisfy the designing needs  of each n every room/residence. At times creating designs may be challe

Lesson on Interior Designing. Part-1

Here are few lessons for the upcoming Designer or the people interested in Interior Designing field . They may help you find the easy way out to understand and create Designs. Lets start with the most Initial lesson, what is designing and what is decoration.. and how does it converts to  Interior Designing and Decoration. Design : A Design can be defined as a arrangement of lines, shapes, colors  textures that create a visual image. A perfect design is being created balancing all these things properly for the required area/space. Decoration : Decoration can be defined as placing the decor accessories, decor items, (curtains, show items, wall hanging,paintings etc.) at the correct place according to the area of the space. We need to take care of size n shape of the decor item  before placing it to the respective place/space. Interior Designing & Decoration : When we are decided for the particular plane,furniture, colors, floor treatment,ceiling treatment keeping in view

"When Dezin hugs Traditions.... "

INDIA of Culture, Religions, Celebrations, Traditions and lots more positive energy giving events. Designing and Indian traditions are very closely inter-related to each other..don't u think so.. lets take a look.. Lets start it with few festivals of India...  for example  Holi.. Festival of colors .. happiness..smiles .. friendship .. new hopes ..colorful dreams... as its said.. "love in air".. during holi its "colors n smiles in the air".. n they are truly achieved by colors n design. Rangoli... designs at our home.. "veranda".. "entrance door".. "balcony".. its all complete collaboration of "design n traditions".. To make it better...... we can choose upon few designs that can remain forever. ..even after holi.. thinking.. how to get such designs... simply.. take the snap... and enhance the beauty of ur living room with the colors of joy n fun..u had with your family n friends. why do we hesitat

"Vastu Gyaan... Affordable tips.."

"Vastu" is just not applicable for the directions ... it means much more than that. Directions are always important for it..but at times we can't afford to change the present construction. Lets not think about directions... lets try to understand simple affordable tips.. which may bring a "change in your life without making any major change in your already con-structured homes,offices etc.." Setting television in the bedroom area is not recommended. If you cant change it.. cover the t.v. with a cloth or t.v.cover before going to sleep. Keep the plants and water sport far from your bedroom. Never split bed sheet and bed mattresses. Set your house furniture in the form of circle, square, or as octagon. Keep the corners bright. You can use different type of lamps, lights , show items etc to make the brightness of a corner.  It is good to fix an image of bright sun in the southern wall of the living area. Construct your bedroom, where wind must blow from

"Banawat ke baad Sajawat".... Designing then Decor..

Aha.. was thinking about the people around this world who don’t realize the difference between design n décor. Man…there is a lot of difference between them. What say…. Lets have a talk about it ..n spare few moments for this precious topic…n try to learn the difference between design n décor.. Before we proceed I would like to make something clear.. …wall hanging… wall paintings.. Selecting a designer curtain for ur living room.. Taking out best show items for ur dinning area n bedroom, selecting the best fabrics for ur interiors is not interior designing.  It’s just a part of décor. Décor can’t ever be started before designing. First step to renovate or make ur habitat a good place to live live your dreams of a well designed home is to ..cherish the spaces you have and to make spaces happy with proper usage, design n last be not the least décor.. ! You and your home, office , shop , any space will be more happy If its completely used with atheistic looks as well as when it