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3ds Max - Chair Picture Tutorial.

3ds Max is one of the most important and helpful tool for all the Interior Designers to showcase their work. Getting started with 3ds max is easy and fun to do. Although there are many video tutorials are available of 3ds max on various site still I thought off to share some picture step learning of 3ds max with everyone. Hope it will a pretty much fine attempt to help you guys conceive the easy steps of 3ds max. Here we start with a simple chair designing. Step wise step illustration is waiting for lets start with it.  1. To create chair first of all go to standard perametives and create a box. To transform this box into chair seat scale it thinner for that look as shown in the picture below.  2.Soon as you are done with the chair seat, create a leg from the box itself. Take box tool and create chair leg by properly scaling it. Now when you are done with one of the legs of the chair, place it on the top of the chair seat.  3. After the successful placement of firs