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Auspicious Durga Puja - Desgin,Decorations & Culture.

" Maa Aschen " ... finally here arrives the most awaited moment of  every year .. yes the " Durga Puja ". Festive season is on the rush now, traditions and rituals are all excited to welcome Maa Durga. Being born and brought up in West Bengal I really feel lucky and blessed to be part of Bengal's Durga Pujo. So, just trying to take you on the small but really meaningful and special trip and glimpse of Durga Puja, its traditions, values, culture, art talent, unlimited design treat for your eyes and soul.  " Mahalaya " It all starts with the great mahalaya day. Day when the eyes of Maa Durga is being painted (on Maa Durga' Idols) during the early morning time under the light of "diya's" (traditional candles). Here we all welcome Maa to our cities to bless us forever. It's not just the making of Maa Durga's eyes but it is the significance of Maa's arrival. It is something which gives life to us. It is something which g

5 Effective ways - Warm Interiors.

Knock Knock... hey it's not me's the knock of winters which is soon going to take it's place in our home and life for few months. So why don't we welcome the winters in a warm style and with open arms. Here are five effective simple ways to keep your winters happy, charming and warm.                               Candles  : Ya, they are one of the most cost effective, simple and elegant way to warm up your home. Let your home corners become cozy with the light and warmth of candles. Light up your living area, bedroom, dining space, etc. with some fragrance candle for that feel, look and warmth.  Fireplace  : During the ancient period of time fireplace were basically found in hilly areas or in the woods. But now with the changing style, elegance and contemporary design ideas it has made its good place in modern homes as well. Let your living room and bedroom get the warmth and feel of fireplace this winters. This idea is worth it.. ! After all it will

Billiards Room Design Idea & Tips.

Billiards or pool  is not a game, its a way of recreation and relaxing yourself. For few it might be just a recreational activity, for few may be love of their life or even just a causal game. But when it comes to design a billiards room or pool room at any place (home, clubs, recreation centers) etc. few things are important to be considered.  First and foremost is the size and location of the room. Room should be quite big enough to accommodate a pool table/ billiards table, seating arrangements, furniture or other objects and if desired by the client a bar section as well. Space and location of the room determines the bar section area accommodation.  There should be at-least 6'0" clearance space between the table and any wall or object for a smooth and huddle free game. Let the players enjoy the freedom of space while they are playing. Ornate and comfort the billiards table floor with carpet or rug. One might allocate billiards table zone with living area i

Home Meditation Room Designs Tips.

Living a successful, sweet and happy life doesn't mean you need to have lots of money and power in your hands. For a successful happy and peaceful life you need to have inner peace, relaxation, and satisfaction . Inner happiness, relaxation and peace are not available in the market, you need to achieve them with your hard work, dedication and determination.   Meditation is one of best and brilliant ways to achieve that lost peace, inner happiness and relaxation . Once you practice meditation you are able to reach the apex of happiness and peace. No need to go to any other place for meditation practice if you have a meditation room or a corner at your home itself. Designing of meditation room is a happiness in itself. Here are few tips for the interior designing of your home meditation room. Location of the room : Try to choose such place which is zoned away from the social area's of your home. Give your meditation room a peaceful place to be allocated with. This e

Design Tips - Study Area for Teens.

Study for teens is just not an area for them to study. It is a place of there knowledge, exploration, gathering and knowing the facts etc. To make such section cool and peaceful one should definitely take care of the few points thru the measure of design concepts. Well designed place always helps teens to focus and concentrate firmly on their studies. Lets help them with these tips.   Location of the study area should be zoned away from social zones of the house. Pick up a silent corner from their room to fabricate a study section/ area.  Permit good amount of natural light to get in the study section. Let the child get connected to the nature. It keeps him/her refreshed and peaceful which makes them focus on studies better. Location of windows should be taken care of.  Good amount of artificial lighting should be installed to eliminate any kind of darkness. Task lighting should be combined well with general lighting . If desired accent lighting can be add