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Tumse pyaar hua.. !!

Ish dil ka haal ..tumse na chupaa kabhi jazbaato ka ubaal ..chaha ke bhi na ruka kabhi khamoka si zindagi mai ishq ka izhaar hua kab kahan naa jane dil de baathein  hain hume...  tumse pyaar hua. Ankhon mai meri.. tere sapne jhalakte hain teri chahat mai din raat karwatien patalte hain bewajah si khamoshi mai tera aitbaar hua hum toh tut ke bikhaar jaate par..  hain hume... tumse pyaar hua. Chote se dil ke kone mai tumhe paaya hai meri roti ankhon ko tumne har pal hasaya hai tumse dharkan meri..tumse hee khushiyon ka didaar hua pal pal har pal..bus sochun tumhe.. hain hume ..tumse pyaar hua. copyright, All Rights Reserved 2014, Richa Gupta

Creative Bedroom Idea's / Designs.

Bedroom essential place to design well and comfortable. It gives a designer lots of opportunity to show its skill .. add in his creations and imagination with a touch of simplicity and new innovative idea's.  Creativity can be simply added by even simple efforts : Adding in creative 3d art wall papers. Creating different look with glass work. Ceiling design with dramatic light effects. Exhibit different kind of windows/ventilators.  Add a simple wall art.  Create comfortable wall designs by cushion wall panel   Different kind of shelves, wall open racks are helpful in adding creative angles.  Headrest wall treatment with different material, texture, etc. Creating bed in a different and innovative style where are you are lacking with wanted area. Creativity is unending .. and designers are addicted to creation...!  Turn a simple bedroom to an awesome space with your power of imagination and talent. 

Indian Kitchen Design.

Kitchens.... place of delicious cooking ... warm serving  and giving nutritious sweet life to your family members. Every caste, religion , tradition has their own specific requirement and needs to be fulfilled in their respective kitchen area. Lets talk about .. " Indian kitchen" .. its a place where most of the spicy and fresh cooking takes place.  Indian kitchen experience most of the spicy and oily work of food .. preserving pickles, storing some important grains, spices, rice, vegetables, fruits etc. You need to give that kind of different  Storage space for different items. Ample of space to work in for cutting and chopping. Good work triangle to maintain healthy working atmosphere in the kitchen. Microwave stand or slab. Provide a slab beside refrigerator.  To keep the kitchen cool and clam ..make sure of these particular things .  Using light and sober colors for walls and furniture laminates. Do not forget to install a chimney.  Keep up

Colorful sweets and treat...!

For a change........ Wonderful sweet colorful treat for all my viewers and friends ... :) :)  Thanks everyone for being there ... for the immense support and viewership..... cheers... !!!

Colorful Living Spaces.

Living area... living spaces..or room.. always in a cool and calm combination..but lets see the other colorful side of this calm get a brighter and vibrant welcome and and awesome feel for a change.... !! Much more airy... sunny..spring living room.. with colors spread all over .. interesting ..isn't it. It can be one of the most amazing feeling to get back home..n relax. Annoyed and irritated from this mean & selfish world.. super frustrated from over work load and files.. better look in for a peaceful and calm evening in the lap of colors .. at your own home.. own living space. What else can be better than it.. !! Its time to flicker in other color modes.. sweet color schemes for your living area. Its high time to get preserved forever in white or light colors of living spaces. Come on guys.. tangle up with a sweet and spicy flavor of color which can give your living space a well designed look as well as... awesomely desire

Patio Designed Balcony.

Balconies play an essential role for every residence ..a sweet garden style .. with seating arrangement balconies always create a great atmosphere for evening times and morning start up's.  A simple small center table ..with two chairs or two single seat sofa is well enough to get that patio styling look for balconies .. escorted with some green plants and sweet flowers. If you have much of the space then you can definitely add in more seating .. with L shaped sofa, colorful cushions, placing a rug etc.  For more of the elegant and classy look... one can go for wooden flooring.. settling down with matching up sofa , side tables or center table. Covering your balcony with little bit of canopy or sun shades will bring in a quality time to spend even during rainy seasons. Adding up few candle lights, illumination effects with such seating .. and patio balcony will be like spicing up your days and evenings.  Not a difficult task to do