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4 BHK Layout.

Here sharing some interesting 4BHK home layouts with furniture settings. 

Office Design (Videopedia)

Know more about office designing.. easy quick videopedia. 

Stylish Wardrobes.

Wardrobes with a stylish elegant design ideas. 

Modern Wardrobe - Inside Details.

For every bedroom the most important factor is the correct placement and selection of furniture like bed, wardrobe, couch, dressing unit, center table etc. Before placement of any kind of furniture we need to make sure about its utility and design for us. So, not talking about every furniture present in the room lets discuss about the most important furniture after bed in the room - bedroom wardrobe. Merely putting up a wardrobe with stylish design, contemporary elegance and looks will just not match the utility factor. One need to peek inside the wardrobe for that inside details of cabinets, racks, pull outs, etc. Let check it out.. !  Every individual has different kind of requirements for wardrobe inside design and detailing. One can go for ready-made or if not satisfied then you can go for custom made wardrobe. But whatever you decide upon few things have to be kept in mind. You can say it is requirement in common for all.  Hanging space : Any wardrobe weather it's a

Arches from Rajasthan Forts and Palaces.

Beauty of Indian Architecture - Arches from Rajasthan forts and palaces. Check out the video below.

Cottage Design Ideas (Videopedia).

Cottage design ideas ... with videopedia. 

Stylish Bathroom Wall Design - Videopedia.

Stylish ideas of wall designs for bathroom with textured and non-textured tiles.. check out the video.

Hut Interior's - Design & Tips.

As we all know designing is a subject which covers each and every big or small construction area on this earth. So, weather its a home, bungalow, apartment, office, showroom or even a small "hut" that too also needs a design hand to make it look more adorable, sweet, stunning and get the best of utilized space. So here are few tips which will help you designing up the small sweet adorable place.  Every Inch counts : Before planning up anything just remind yourself "every inch counts" when you are putting up your design strategies for a small area. No need to waste any area or even over use any particular wall or corner. Make it look well balanced and up to the mark.  Avoid geometric patterns : When you're designing a small area remember not to play with horizontal or vertical lines specially if the hut is located near any seashore, country side or village area. Let the hut get connected well with nature with polka dots, floral patterns, woods,

Cozy Setup.

Interior designing is an art of proper placement, attractive and impressive design ideas and best utilization of space and other elements present in the respective space. At times we go for very clean and disciplined designing, sometimes we prefer a shabby look for our room sweet room and may be a modern touch might attract us for the time being. Basically it is all about choices and personal preferences. But ever thought of preparing up a lazy corner or a lazy design setting which can perfectly match up your lazy weekend mood. Yes I am talking about cozy design setup for your lazy bones which do tickle a lot on holidays or weekends. Here are few ways to create that temporary lazy nooks, niches and rooms for your weekend fun and relaxation.  Huge single sofa chair with a some really cozy cuddled cushion on it kept beside your bedroom or living room window is not an bad idea. Make yourself comfortable and relaxed with some books or music. Choice is completely yours.  Le

Turkish Furniture.

Furniture is the material which speaks about your house styling, standard of living, your style statement and class. If you are really thinking about for some classy, royal and chic furniture nothing can replace the class of Turkish furniture. One of the best carving, awesome royal colors, great styling and eye catching beauty. What else you need ...!! Style and royal work personified is actually directly related to the Turkish furniture. 

Down-lights & Up-lights for mesmerizing Interiors.

To create majestic interiors it is important to play equally well with all the elements of design. It starts from good planning, awesome placement, mesmerizing color theme, rhythmic collection of ideas and finally the dramatic light effects which gives a complete look to the interiors. Down-lighters and up-lighters are one of the perfect light effects for that mesmerizing look, for the complete feel, personal touch and amazing interiors. It expands the interesting dramatic looks of your interiors giving it a whole new and stylish atmosphere.  You might focus a wall or a sculpture, you might enhance the beauty of your garden area, light up the hall corner, glow up your bed back wall for that dramatic look and interesting touch. These aesthetic lights do not limit themselves to any particular area. They play well with all the interiors and exteriors of the house.  It is completely our interiors and your choices,  cheer them up with the natural light eff