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African Design & Decor.

African exotic jungle designs inspire the most to create a space with lovable wild combination. More and more modern villas are starting to showcase unique design themes and African influences are particularly considered dynamic and “exotic”.  African influences are said to be a major trend, bringing warm colors and animal skin imitations back into the eclectic interiors of most fashion enthusiasts. Wooden furniture elements decorated with carvings or wrought iron, sculptures and handmade decorations, all defined by the African style. It is one of the fab wild side of design engaging all the fun ..adventure ..and exoticism of the African culture and living style . Just go wild and adventurous with your modern way of living. Its always a nice blend of cocktail designing for the spaces. 

Guest room Layout.

Guestroom for your residence .. or for a hotel.. should be planned and managed properly for a comfortable and pleasant stay.  For a comfort loving stay first step is to plan the room with proper furniture placement and space utilization. 

Stripes Stripes for 2014 ... !!

In 2014..  social spaces will likely turn to design dynamics, in order to inspire vibrant living and energy. Give in a different harmonized and fabulous looks to your spaces. Its time to play with spaces in stripe styling.  One of the most simple ways to achieve this effect is by employing stripes in an elegant manner. Carpets, wallpapers, upholstery, graphic art- each of these elements can wear the distinct feature of movement as long as they are defined by… stripes . The idea is to make things stand out, without compromising in elegance or visual harmony. Check out with bold beautiful combination of and white, yellow brown.. , blue black, etc. to provide your spaces a different unique and outstanding looks.  Bold red and black&white patterns are the highlight of the design themes again, only this time associated with minimalist decor complements.  Its a season of change .. its a season of creating some sophisticated illusions, its time to come out

Furniture Layout.

Placement of furniture is the part of proper planning. Here are some furniture layouts. 

All in 1 - Modular Fold Furniture.

All in one .. modular furniture ..for really low space area. Create compact and easy way of living ..with quick furnishing and installation of such furniture in your small area.  They engage less space. Smooth to maintain.  Gives a clean slim look to the area. All needful at one place. Stylish + modern = new era of design. Compatible for cramped areas. Simple modular set to suit your requirement. Create a platform ... mix if up with table, chairs, sofa, seating, or bed ..whatever required. This kind of modular set are extremely useful in 1 BHK flats or studio apartments.  Create your own stylish world ..with such mod compact furniture setting. Its easy and working... !! 

Bedroom Ceiling Design.

Bedroom without a false ceiling is as incomplete as a design without rendering. Give a complete look to your bedroom.  Let the walls, floors get connected to the ceiling design .. and let the illumination effect become more impressive and effective.  It provides a better look .. designed effects to the bedroom. Even a light designed false ceiling works equally good as heavy ceiling design work. It is just a way to complete your design concept. 

Ushe pyaar samajh baatein.

Yaadien kuch pyaar ki, dil se mithaani hai ankahin baatein kuch, door hokar nibhaani hai ushki khamoshi ko .. apna intzaar samajh baatein  kinte nadaan the hum .. jo naa tha kabhi ushe pyaar samajh baatein.  Sitaaro ki roshni, kuch tabhaa se hogai  wafao ki galiyaan.. kuch bewafa se hogayi juthe ehsaaso ko .. ankaha izhaar samajh baatein  jo na kal tha kabi.. naa aaj hai..  ushe pyaar samajh baatein . Galati jo ki dil ne, ushe bhulanaa hoga  ghum ki ish tasvir ko .. kahin dafnaa hoga  ankien pheri ushne... toh hum aitbaar samajh baatein  yeh kaisi bewkufi thi naa jane ..  ushe pyaar samajh baatein... !! 

Amazing Use of space - Under the stairs.

Small space .. or big space.. in a room , in a hall, a nook or a niche .. whatever it may be, but a space is a space and designers should take full on advantage to design it and make it really worth it..!  Its always pleasure designing space.. but it becomes more interesting and full of fun ..when space is under the stair case.. some cramped.. and nook style space. Turn your vacant under the stair case space into : A mini bar Mini reading space Small playing space for the kids. Storage area. Even a kitchen counter. Have an attic office area. (working from home) Create a wall unit for living area or family room. Space may be small.. but let your ideas and imagination get a bigger picture of reality. In such a world of cramped area.. we need to enlarge our imagination size to fit in to the exiting space. Do not waste it, practical use of space with style and functionality is call of modern compact sweet spaces.

Khamoshi ke rang.. !!

Beete pal kuch.. kal mai badal gaye chod ke damaan pyaar ka.. kuch aage nikal gaye kaun jaane kyu milti har raste mai tanhaai hai  kal ki gujri baatein .. kuch yaadien  khamoshi ke rang, phir laayi hai.  Chand ki khawish thi..ab toh asmaa hee kho gaya hum jinka sath chahte the.. woh humse juda hogaya  aab toh har shaam dundali si parchaai hai yeh galiyan ishq ki  khamoshi ke rang, phir laayi hai. Andaz-e-pyar dil mai hai.. khuclaa ishe riwaazo ne tarapta aaj bhi akele mai kahin.. band hua juthe darwaazo mai ashiqui ki har kahaani mai .. dastak kyu deti judaai hai pal pal sataye yeh ..ajib si  khamoshi ke rang, phir laayi hai.

Color & 3D.

Colors and 3d ... life of interior's.  Put color in the 3d .. and make 3d view to get a rendered view. Both inter-related and deeply attached to each other. Painting, art, views, planning, furniture, materials, colors, fabrics, lights .. inseparable part of interiors and a designer's life. They are the thing which puts in colors and brightness to our work.. and our life. 

Girls Room Design Ideas.

Designing a room for your daughter, sister, friend ..etc. can become more peppy and interesting if you follow some simple sweet rules to create a magical space for them.  Girls love pink .. but don't forget they love other colors too. Try to come out of just pink for a girls room. Browse their interest and make a better place for them. Think beyond pale pinks and floral's -- experiment with mixing bolder colors and patterns. Keep the room decor with soft colors. Let the walls speak purity of her heart.  Bold  color combinations  such as orange, red and pinks are appropriate for all ages. Wall  stencils  or murals can work, with a restrained eye. An eclectic mix of colors, accessories, furniture etc. can bring a bright and fresh look to the room.  White is a girl's  best friend . When in doubt, mix white and ivory with muted tones to create a chic, feminine space. Wall paper + bright accessories + graphic rugs = Winners..! Girly touches are tempe

Stone Tiles for spaces.

Stone tiles for your interiors and exteriors. Natural  stone tiles  are distinct and unique. They are  available in wide array of shapes, sizes, and colors that give ceramic  tile  and natural  stone  endless design choices.  The advantages of natural stone Timeless, unique appearance Design capabilities of through-body color material Perceived value Durable counter-tops and floors (granite) May be re-polished if scratched The disadvantages of natural stone Ongoing re-sealing program is required Limited chemical and stain resistance Higher installation costs than ceramic tile Product received seldom looks like the sample They have unmatched strength and are durable for years. Mix up well with over all decor's. Always give royal touch of work and feel.  Amazingly perfect for official and residential use. It puts on the charm back to your interior's. A simple fire place if created with stone tiles.. becomes special and elegant in