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Vastu tips - Bedroom Furniture placement & Decor tips.

Arranging of furniture and decor items according to Vastu Shastra is always helpful and has its own positive vibes which recreate freshness in your life. Let us also explore the basic Vastu guidelines that have to be followed, in case of the bedroom:-

  • Vaastu Shastra does not recommend a bedroom in the South East under any circumstances. It is best to shift from this room to any other room in the South West, South, West or North West. In case there is no choice, keep the bed away from the southeast corner or you will be sleeping on too much fire. Sleep in this room with your head towards the South and feet towards the North to ward off the ill-effects.

  • Vaastu Shastra allows attached bathrooms towards the West or North of the bedroom. However, some suggest locating it towards the East, southeast, North or northwest of the bedroom. The door of an attached bathroom should always remain closed.

      • The ideal colors for the walls of the bedroom are light shades of rose, blue and green. The master bedroom and the guest room should be painted in different hues of blue for a good sleep. Marble stone should not be used in the bedroom of the newly married couple.
      • You can decorate the walls with attractive wall hangings or pictures that bring pleasure since this is what you will see the first thing in the morning when you wake up!

    • The correct placement of furniture in the bedroom makes one feel at home. Vaastu suggests that since bedrooms normally have heavy objects like beds, cupboards etc, they should be placed in the South, South West or West direction of the room. If possible, avoid beds in the center of the room.

        • According to Vaastu Shastra, mirrors should not be located inside the bedroom as this leads to frequent misunderstandings and quarrels between couples. However, if essential, place them preferably along the North East wall.
        • It is best to sleep with the head towards the South or East direction of the bedroom. The South brings a good deep sleep and ensures long life, while the East brings enlightenment. There should be no window behind you, while sleeping.
        So here was bit summarized way of furniture placement and decor tips of bedroom according to Vastu Shastra to get more of the positive energy for your living and daily life. 


        1. richa thanks for sharing vastu tips

        2. Welcome Sam.. Thanks for your footprints in my blog. :)

        3. Select a bed size that is appropriate to the bedroom size. Instead of buying each bedroom furniture piece separately, bedroom furniture sets offers shoppers an easy and convenient decoration solution. Since bedroom furniture sets are typically been matched and selected by their color, design, style and scale this will definitely save the shopper more time money in blending and matching bedroom furniture sets. Thank you for this blog


        4. Vastu is a science of architecture and interior design that originated in India and Vastu for office, Vastu for Industries. It is also known as Vaastu-Shastra and Vastu for Factory, Vastu for Home. These principles are used for the construction of residential houses, temples, offices and other establishments. It is said that our mind, body and soul are greatly influenced by the energy flows of the earth and surrounding objects.


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