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Har lamha yaari mai bitaayen hum..!

Bus har pal...yaaro ka kaarwa ho yaari ki khushbu se..mehkaa apna jahaan ho choti choti baatein ..milke gungunaaye hum umar yuhi kat jaaye saari haar lamha yaari mai bitaayen hum..! Barish ki boondo mai.. dosto ki baahein ho manzilo ki bhaag daud mai.. yaaro ki panaahein ho bus ek duje ko .. apne dil ki baat sunaaye hum paar hojaaye yuhi kaatil mushkile har lamha yaari mai bitaayen hum ..!! Thake jo hum kabhi..dosti sahaara de jo khum hojaaye hum kahin.. yaariyan ishaara de bus hoothon pe ek duje ke ..yuhi muskuraaein hum haar raaha asaan lage  har lamha yaari mai bitaayen hum.. !! Friends.........are life. Rainbow of life........colors of life...and we are lucky :) to get such a precious gift from the vast store house of GOD . Hope...these friendship remains FOREVER. :)  copyright, All Rights Reserved 2013, Richa Gupta

Last Bite of Rajasthan.

Knock Knock..! It's me again....back  with more of "Rajasthan flavor and spice".. more of the decor items and design corners which I explored and discovered. Lets continue with the interesting and vast field of decor, art, culture,colors etc.  Wall decors (painting and hangings) Metal work (decor items on gold,silver,brass and copper) Other decor items. Wall Decor : Design your walls with the touch of "rajasthani rang" and "spice" with anonymous  designs, hangings and paintings.  Paintings are the perfect medium to showcase your views , your choices , likes and psychology towards life and people. They are the best one to show your interest .. your mindset and living style. Decor your walls with your personal views and aspects. Something exclusive for your doors and walls. Made of amazing fabric , embroidery , beads , mirror work and stitch's .. One of the best wall and door hangings for your homes and offices. :) Bring

Rajasthani Rang continues..!

Hie....  everyone again..! In my last post we were talking for "Rajasthan's handicrafts - Rajasthani tadka" to give a complete blend of decor and design to your home. Lets continue the tour.... lots more to talk about and lots more to come.. Still lots of magic remains in the stores of "rajasthan handicrafts" Marble magic Wall decors (painting and hangings) Metal work (decor items on gold,silver,brass and copper) Marble magic - Since decades Rajasthan is so well known for its quality marble and its art on it. Its just not the art of rajasthan but its the talent enveloped in corners of perfection and endless creativity. White magic of marble ....... brings adorable and magnificent look in the spaces.  Amazing marble idols .. will surely enhance the beauty of your puja ghar.. or can beautify the showcase or a  corner of your living room.  Marble jharoka's (windows) .... gives a perfection to the air cross ventilation to your rooms.