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3D Room Models Designs.

Rooms with 3D model designs to get a picture perfect of your upcoming project and work. 

Sheeshe aitbaar ke..!

Jaane kahan chut gayi gali woh,  jahan kabhi mantoo ka mela tha jaane kaise guzar gaye pal woh  jab ek pal naa dil akela tha  aab toh afsaano se lagte hain beetien pane pyaar ke hum toh addhure se reh gaye  jab se tumne tode.... sheeshe aitbaar ke.  Masoom sikhaayto mai  chupi thi mithas koi  halke halke dabe paao se  laya tha zindgi mai sogaat koi  ab naa woh roshni hai.. naa ishaare hain izhaar ke tarap tarap ke yuh hee mar jaayegne  jab se tumne todhe ....sheeshe aitbaar ke.  Asmaa ke rango mai  gunji si ashiqui thi  hawaaon mai fizaao mai  mahsoos ki har khushi thi  jhoke se jo tuta ashiyana humara.. ki tut hee gaye pal intzaar ke hum na hum rahe.. sab badal gaye  jab se tumne tode ....sheeshe aitbaar ke. 

Indian wedding decorations for home.

Soon after the festive reason gets over we will get a grand knock from the wedding season and we need to tight up our seats with grand decorations at home and our spaces. Wedding hall decorations or venue decorations are being taken care of by the event management or the wedding planner but what about the decorations at home, they too need to be taken care of for the real grand and royal touch of wedding. After all a wedding starts at home..! Huge role is being played by flowers in any kind of decoration and it always comes first it mind when the decoration is related to any of the auspicious work in India. Mix up the wedding beauty with floral fragrances and magical flower touch. Bunch them in pots, in vases, hang them on the wall, welcome your guest with some flowers on the floor as floor decoration, beautify the galleries and balconies with flower impacts and impressions.  Take out some special time and theme for flower patterns mixing up well with home decors or

Yoga Room/ Yoga Studio Design.

Creating a room or a studio for Yoga sessions is I guess one of the most interesting and sweet job to be done as a designer. It hardly takes any of the hard work efforts, huge budgets, etc. and the outcome of the work done is simply so peaceful and satisfy for your inner soul as a designer.  Perhaps to get the most perfect designed yoga room or studio we need to focus on few essential elements of Yoga which is directly connected to the design of the room. Such elements include:  Peace Positive atmosphere Relaxation Inner calm  Comfort  To achieve all the elements discussed above we need to bring all the discipline of design together to form a healthy and happy yoga rooms or a studio. Accommodate yoga sessions in such a space which is quite large enough to work easily and focus on your session without any obstruction of space, getting connected to your yoga teacher or friends. Avoid any kind of unwanted furniture in the room. Keep it vacant from huge furniture, unwanted a

Paints for this Diwali.

Diwali is one of the most auspicious and perfect time to repaint your old walls, old house, office walls etc. It gives us an opportunity to remodel and renew our house every year with new paints, colors, charms and furnishing. Every years comes with the different tools of colors and design which should be installed in your spaces to give it a more charming and adorable looks.  This year bring home the charm of bright and vibrant colors to make your Diwali go wow and perfectly matched up with your mood and happiness. Its a year which is calling for red, bright yellow, green, blue for brightness and white or cream to go for the perfect blend of contrast with these vibrant yet lively colors.  Park the brightness in your home this Diwali with the vibrancy and love of red, warmth of yellow, sweetness of green and coolness of blue. When all these put together makes a primary combination of design and attitude. Let the lamp lights of Diwali get mixed up well with such combination of