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3D model of window exterior design.

3D model of window exterior design for much of the clear and impressive picture. Get the complete idea home exteriors and window exterior designs. So, don't you think windows play a vital role for giving a complete look to your home exteriors as well as to the interiors. :)

Windows exterior design.

Dressing a window from inside is just not done with your designing work. You need to adore it, design it and shape it well from its exteriors as well to get the complete package of design, exterior elevations and impressions.  Mix the exterior design of the window well with the surroundings of the building, landscape and exterior building material and colors for that complete and awesome look. Fabricate your windows well with different types of window frames, shutters, glass works, tight sealing etc.  A great exterior window design comprises of durable and attractive frame, glass shutters with good and decent design on it, perfect placement according to room size and layouts and last but not the least well matched exterior paints or materials. Blend all these things well with good and impressive interior illumination for the glowing evening view of your building exteriors.  You may plan up for few hanging small pots, colorful lights, may place few colorful plant

3ds Max Interior Models.

3D models of Interiors in 3ds max software.. !

Silk plaster liquid wallpaper for interiors.

With the upcoming new trends, designs, impressive innovative ideas and new technologies construction and architecture has reached its apex point of creativity and interior designing. With its ever growing fast innovations it gave us paints, textures, 3D wallpapers etc. and now its time to look up at the new innovation of wall covering - yes, I am talking about "silk plaster liquid wallpaper" for interiors.  Silk Plaster liquid wallpaper is a wall and ceiling coating, which consists of only natural products: silk and cellulose fibers, decorative mineral additives and adhesive. They are Eco-friendly, easy to apply and fits your pocket as well.  Silk plaster liquid wallpaper can be used not only at your home sweet home but also at your work space that means offices, conference rooms, office cabins, reception desk etc. They always look great at any space and the endless variety gives pleasure to choose upon according to your room theme, design and over all decors.. mo

Rooms- Sectional Elevations.

Elevations helps us to know frontal, back, side views of a furniture and a building but when we get inside the building to get the sectional elevation of the particular space we get wall to wall elevation of the room. Therefore, we get to know about the wall to wall furniture and accessory placement of the respective room. It is getting the clear picture of placement of furniture, wall colors, accessories, architectural components (doors, windows, lintels, etc.) inside a respective room. Just like 2D and 3D floor plan with furniture layout is important, sectional elevation of the rooms is also important to gather up all the views together and convey your wall to wall design ideas to the client. It is a 2D presentation but as effective as 3D work.They are equally important as isometric views, perspective views etc.  To get outside details/ frontal details of a building we go for frontal elevations and get all the details of architecture, landscaping, color selection

3D wallpapers for interiors.

3D is one of the most trendy element which is in to the design world to fabricate your home world, office space,work station etc. with a more beautiful and amazing manner. Earlier we use to catch just 3D effects with just the 3 dimensional  objects but these days things and definition of 3D has being changed and revised with its different effects on to the walls as well. Mesmerize your interiors with the amazing, eye catching and impressive 3D wallpaper arts and designs.  Make your living room, dining room, study, bedroom, etc.more cool and attractive with the unique quality and appeal of 3D wallpapers. Easy to install, impressive in design style, have its own unique impact, mix up well with over all decors and design of the room, creates a focal point of emphasis smoothly to the design element. They are a perfect match up for any kind of interiors; formal or informal. They have the quality to adjust in and harmonize every kind of space. 3D wall papers match's u

Chahat ke ish intzaar ko..!

Hosh rehta kahan hain, khoye hai bus teri yaadon mai mithas mahsoos ki thi har pal ki.. teri meethi baaton mai itni mohabaat, itna ishq, jaane kaise itna samajha humne pyar ko chupaa ke rakha, dabaa ke rakha, phir bhi nazar lag gayi kuch silaa naa mila ..chahat ke ish intzaar ko.. ! Ruthe bhi tumse, tumhe manaya bhi sukoon dil ka tum, tumne sataya bhi dheeme se, halke sabdo mai baya kiya izhaar ko dooriyan phir bhi reh gai darmiyaan kuch silaa naa mila.. chahat ke ish intzaar ko .. ! Mosamo ki tarah jaise badal gai zindagi si fika rang pada pyaar ka .. tuti tuti bikar gai ashiqui si adhure rang, adhure sapne, bhar naa paaye bich mai aayi daraar ko naa tum wapas aaye.. naa pukaar tumhe humne kuch silaa naa mila.. chahat ke ish intzaar ko ..!! 

Decorative wall tiles.

Walls tiles sounds to be bit wired and untidy when you think of impressive designing.. isn't it ? But trust me with the new range, absolute lovable designs and impressive collection of wall tiles from different states, countries etc. to give your interiors a fab feeling and luxurious design impressions.  Light in weight, aesthetic and beautiful design wise, have their own quality of impression and can enhance the beauty of every room without any discrimination or difficulties. The inherent design quality makes it perfect and wonderful for every room. Low in cost and a perfect fit for your pocket and budget considerations.  Make your living room more elegant with the successful and original use of wall tiles, give your kitchen more of the beautiful and attractive looks, let your bedroom speak the language  of romance with awesome wall tiles collection at the back-wall of the bed, make the kids room more bright and sweet with some cute tile designs to suit up