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Kitchen Wall Glass Tiles.

Kitchen wall glass tiles to adore and pamper your kitchen styling and interior design of the space.Keep you kitchen walls vacant yet occupied and glared up with beauty and stunning looks. Wall glass tiles are a perfect match to charm up your kitchen settings. Their smooth, glossy, transparent or designed with texture finish brings in the best of design and styling for the kitchen. Transform your old into a new and the most impressive.  Light up the glass wall tiles with light colors like yellow, green, cream, milky white, etc. to get the stunning effects on the glass wall. It would be one of the best back splash wall of any kitchen. With the endless variety, design, pattern, material and texture it gives your flexibility to choose and customize your kitchen design accordingly. They do come in mosaic finish, textured finish, paint and art touch, simple transparent glass finish etc. Your choice your like.  They match perfectly with every kind of cabinetry designs, materi

White Beauty - Modern Homes.

Modern homes pour in the beauty and purity of white. Exteriors and Interiors of the home being charmed up with the presence of white to it. White is the most pure and the most impressive way to get the most stunning, expressive and lasting beauty. 

Valentine Decorations For Interiors.

February known as the month of love and passion comes with the sweet fragrance of valentine. Surprise your love with the sweet, seductive and warm decoration this valentine to make each and every moment go special, adorable, sweet and passionate. Let the interiors of your home get designed up well from head to toe for that unique memorable valentine surprise for your partner.  Starting from your bedroom - Keep it softly romantic and pleasureful with the fragrance of rose petals, few candles, some lights, and not be to forgotten room romantic fragrance.  Valentine is the celebration of white and red combination. White means purity of love and on the same time red comes for the passion of love. Mix purity and passion well together to blend up the sweet and sensational part to cheer up your love life.  Bedroom with some white fabric, red petals around, toast to raise, red wine and few candles at the corners of your room, niches, etc. makes it the most perfect place to spend

Floor Glass Tiles.

Covering your floor with tiles is one of the most common, regular and old practice yet it is one of the best, durable, aesthetic and stylish way to design up your floor areas. After ceramic tiles, vinyl tiles, vitrified tiles etc. floor glass tiles are the most aesthetic and amazing piece of design world to move up for floor designing. They are perfectly suitable for all the rooms, any type of interiors, purpose and they have a long life to live to give you best of services, looks and charm.  Touch the sense of lavish luxury, style and astonishing looks for your interiors with the use of glass floor tiles. Transform your kitchen, bathroom, even the living room area into one of the most aesthetic and stunning part of your home interiors.T hese luminous tiles can elevate the style and sophistication of any space for example uplift your simple bathroom area to a luxurious and relaxing spa with the touch of glass tiles. Make your dull kitchen go charming and stunning with the e

Interior Design Trends 2015.

With the changing year, style, new updates and attitude of design world it is important to upgrade your interiors according to the trends of the present year or coming years. Discard or renovate the old into new to get the most trendy, new and stylish looks for your home and office interior design.  Change is already knocking at your doors for a heart capturing and eye catching visual impressions from the city of your design world. Make it prominent and get noticed by all with the impressive new work. Simple change and new trends are to convert your places into more of the peaceful and relaxing area's with elegant and simple designing, light and smoothing colors, avoiding any dark shades, maximum use of glass, etc.  No need to carry a specific theme for a regularity or smoothness, visual balance and rhythm , just the use of few light colors with white walls, pastel colors around, will do the job. Collection of few colorful colorful cushions, some of the floor pillows,