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Screen partitions.

Make your interior looks well designed, well utilized and good with space designing just by using MFD or fiber screen partitions. You might go for hanging screen partitions or wall screen partitions. Avoid making unwanted walls between room area. Make sensible and wise use of your space with such partitions. They are affordable, super charming and gives your space best of looks without wasting an inch of your room area. Fiber screen partitions for rooms are best solutions for every area starting from living room to bed rooms, bathroom to kitchen dining space, office areas etc. They are good for both formal and informal use. They don't demand any kind of extra space or special interiors. They blend up well with every kind of interiors "traditional or moderate". Just not divide the spaces... utilize the spaces. 

Affordable Home Interiors.

Homes are beautiful in themselves but getting a well designed home with good quality of interior design work and elegant look is a dream of everyone. Interior Designing may sound quite expensive to your pockets and budgets but trust me there are many ways by which one can afford interior designing for their home sweet home. Merely putting in expensive stuff into your interiors doesn't give it a pleasant look and well designed area. Interior designing is far away from all the over expensive unwanted stuff. It is way of utilizing space with affordable stuff and giving it a pleasant look.  Few wall partitions of MFD boards or fiber can make the space look better and sophisticated while giving a huge space a good division. You can save space as well as can get rid of unwanted walls.  Mirrors are any day good solution for replacing any kind of expensive wall decors. As well as it gives a feel of space when the space is in mess.  Pastel colors cushions work well to design up

Bathroom Tiles Design - 2016-17

Bathroom designing might sound bit boring but has interesting aspects as well. Days gone when we use to have limited sources and styling for bathroom design work. But now with the changing era and fast design discoveries we have wide variety to design our elegant bathroom and give it a desired looks. Here are few design styling of 2016-17 which might help you out to get the best of designs for your bathroom designs. Bathroom tiles design 2016-17 varies from modern to traditional look. Just with the variety of tiles available in the market one can enhance the beauty of their bathroom. Check out the design ideas below to get the most inspiring and ravishing style for the most elegant bathroom...!! 

Junoon Hai... !

Mere mann mai tera sukoon hai, Bus ab chaya jo hai tera hee junoon hai .. Choti choti baton mai rang tere Jane kaisi chahat hai..kaisa junoon hai.. Jab ankhon se paani jhalakta hai Dil kuch zara jhor se tarapta hai Dard mai bhi muskuraun mai Jaane yeh kaisa sukoon hai … Har taraf Chaya jo hai .. tere hee junoon hai.. !!

Living room with unique wall textures.

Living room is one of the most important and essential part of every residence. It carries the responsibility of over all styling, attitude of house and design statement alone. Living room is like a master key to your over all design of the house. After all first impression always matters the most. Here presenting few of the most unique impressive designs to adore and ornate your living room.  Impress the wall design idea with wall laminates used in a glass crack form.  Random placement of wooden circles can make a handsome impression for that "love for wood" styling.  Simple pour the wall into the royal touch of golden texture with classy designs to it.  Make it bold and impressive with elegant and sophisticated stone setting patterns on the walls.   Love from the nature is always refreshing and evergreen idea to go with.  Ornate the wall with some mirror cut outs randomly placed and adore their presence with some warm texture

Mere ish pyaar ko .. !

Ek pal ki kamzori nai .. woh mere dil ki majboori  thi Nazro mai tum the .. phir bhi khawaishen adhuri thi Keh do jo tum … chain aajaye mere karaar ko Kal bhi thi tumhari .. aaj bhi hu tumhari Kabhi nazar naa lage.. mere ish pyaar ko .. ! Jab bhi dil dharka ..har daffa tujhe hee chaha hai Bin tere main kya ..mera toh hona bewajaha hai Tumse hee meri zindagi hai .. tarasti hai ankhein tere didaar ko Main tujhe mang lu..tu mujhe mang le Kabhi nazar naa lage… mere ish pyaar ko .. ! R.Gupta.

Office Floor Plans.

Hi guys... here sharing few interesting office floor plans ... aka office plan with furniture layout to understand the planning ideas and techniques in a better and detailed manner. 

Today's Modern Home - Inside View.

Home is not a place ..its a feeling. After all it not only gives us place to live, to protect ourselves but it has that important essence of life which can't be found anywhere else in the whole world. That feeling of being home is simply mesmerizing, relaxing and unconditional loving which can't be compared with anything else. Home is like a mother for us which provides us with the most comforting and easy atmosphere and we can be like what we are and what we want to be. So we really need to take care of our home sweet home in a very special and soft manner. Designing doesn't means simply pouring in all the decor items in your spaces .. it has some discipline, style and attitude which should be carried out with delicate and cared manner. Today's modern home designs are relaxing, simple yet elegant, stylish with perfect bold and soft touch both. Take a tour for today's modern home - Inside view to get one of the best for your's own.  Today's moder

Design Idea Proposal for Hospital Rooms.

Starting with an old saying "health is wealth" and is indeed . Nothing is more important than a healthy life which automatically brings you a happy life. But unfortunately at times we have to go under some medical care or medical treatment and get admitted to hospital. No one really wanna get admitted in hospital or any nursing home. After-all the major reason is the atmosphere of hospital. Medicines, doctors, patients, blood, fighting for life etc. are few of the major negative reasons behind for not willing to get into hospital. It has two aspects pain and relief both. As a designer I would like to propose few positive and relieving ideas  of design for a better health care unit design and styling. We can't eliminate those neck griping factors of hospital but we can surely turn the atmosphere of hospital better and positive with our designing style and care.  Transform the hospital rooms like bedroom :  It is really important to comfort the patient with a healthy

Furniture Trends "2016" - Design Styling.

Interiors are said to be best in style, looks, utility when they are well furnished with stylish royal furniture and garnished with awesome decors to give it a complete look. With the changing time.. furniture keep evolving with time and we need to keep our home sweet home perfectly updated with the evolution of new styling in furniture. Here are few trend setting furniture of "2016" to update your style statement and living standards.