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Yuhi pighalte rehte hum.

Kash baadal hote hum, udte rehte yuhi dar badar naa sehro ki chinta hoti, naa kisi ki galiyon ka dar thamte naa kabhi, bus yuhi chalte rehte hum sau kadam ki duri ho yaa ek kadam ka fasla  milne ko manzilo se, yuhi pighalte rehte hum. Bhaari jo hota mann kabhi, tut ke baras lete hum chupaani ho jo nami ankhon ki, dhoop ki chaao ko taras lete hum naa milte, naa mitte kisi se, bus khud mai machalte rehte hum pal do pal ka fasana ho yaa umar bhar ka safar milne ko manzilo se, yuhi pighalte rehte hum.. Dil ki narazgi ko, bijliyo sang chamak ke baya karte  tute rishto ki miti ko, paani ki bochaaro se naya karte  naa door hote kisi se, naa nibhaane ko milte hum  khushnasib hote, na doobte, naa sote  milne ko manzilo se, yuhi pighalte rehte hum.. !! 

Small Living Rooms Design Ideas.

Small living room most the time suffer with large and unwanted furniture placements. They have less apatite to digest more of the furniture. You need to be smart enough to place in the most necessary furniture in an intelligent and well-designed manner when you are suffering with small living area and that too if it is being shared with dinning space.  No need to accommodate large huge sofa sets, you may go with compact, single sofas, couch, or a three seat sofa alone. Mix up well with small and sweet center table. No need to place side tables if the space is cramped and have low carpet area.  Single seating stools, chairs, traditional murah's are handy in such spaces. To give two zone separate look when shared with dinning area use of rugs or carpet at the living area is very handy and trendy. They just separate the two zones smarty rather than dividing the room into parts. Make it large with some paintings, mirror placement, hanging lights, small and comp

French Bedroom Designs & Decors.

The French Country style, originally known as French provincial, is a very popular decorating style for bedrooms since its universal and can be transformed into either a lovely traditional idea or trendy contemporary style.  French bedroom furniture can be as flamboyant as you like, with opulent chandeliers and over-sized ornate mirrors. Rather than using conventional bedside cabinets, consider chests of drawers or vintage metal cafe tables. It gives more of the realistic and romantic look with a traditional touch of french styling. Heavy furniture, large mirrors, cushioned upholstery, traditional wall mounted lights, etc. are few of the key tools to charm up your french bedroom settings.  Make your bedroom go "oo -laa - laa" with the romantic and seductive french bedroom designs and decor. They give more of the cozy and comfortable look with soft, cushion upholstery designs, couch and floral patterns. To get the authentic and original look of french design

Colors for Exteriors.

Paints and colors are as essential and important for interiors they are equally important for exteriors of your home, offices, shops etc. Well painted home, office, showroom etc. attract millions and invite them to catch the interiors of your place. They not only beautify your home presence and exteriors they add a beauty to the inner complexion of your interior designing.  Be careful and specific while choosing the color palate for your outside world. It indicates your style, attitude, standard of living and choices. Don't go too harsh or too rude with the florescent colors, go for simple, sober and decent colors which reflects the softness of your attitude. Convey your styling with a touch of design but with a delicate and appreciable touch.  Exterior paints not only represents your home design and styling it also protects your exterior walls with dust, weather effects, dirt etc. It too, increase your real estate value of your home, office, shop etc. It not only hide

Country style Villa - Inside design story.

Country style villas inside design stories .. get a glamours , amazing and loving country style villa for your holidays sweet holidays. They are special in their own way, have a sincere, respectable and very loving place in everyone's heart but do you know what makes it so special and lovable...... come its explore the inside design story of a country style villa.  The very first and foremost appeal and attraction comes with their location. As they are so well connected to nature, it gives an immense sense of relaxation, love, peace, calm etc. to be in that particular place and spend your holidays with your loved one's. Close to nature, surrounded by nature, have a great landscape designing around the outer yard area, all these makes it more than perfect and complimenting for a relaxing holiday and a stay. The outer yard designing which is so special in its own way, traditional yet cozy, at time have raw surface areas yet so original and amazing. All such thing

3D Furniture Model.

3D furniture model, when there is no need to show all the plan details, layout details. Just to highlight the furniture styling and designing.  Take advantage of 3D modeling to create amazing and fast furniture. No need to go for over hard work for whole of room design when furniture is to be presented. Give your client a real original view of your proposals and design ideas.  Not too much time consuming work, easy to go with, presents a whole impressive lot of ideas and most importantly, create the most wanted and required piece when you are out of time to impress your client. 

Floor plans in 3ds Max.

Residential floor plans in 3ds Max. Get a more clear and neat picture of your dream home. Convey your ideas in a easy and convincing  manner to your clients. 

Different color marble counter-tops.

Marble have incredible impressive beauty of its own and when used as counter-tops for the kitchen or any other area the outcome of the view is simply mesmerizing... !!! Different color marble counter-tops to beautify the kitchen elegance and design. I know granite is mostly preferred as counter-top material to be used, but what if you get such a marvelous collection of marble color slabs for your counter-top. I am sure you will definitely think for a change.. !! How about a green, pink or a blue marble counter-top to enhance the beauty of your kitchen, bathroom, etc. They are as unique and bold as your choice and change in mind. Try to be different and sweet with this amazing collection of different colored marble.  White, grey, black sounds common colors for the marble slab, but they have their unique quality of beauty and charm. Make your kitchen world look great with pink, red, cream, grey, blue, greenish, etc. uncountable marble colo