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Mini Tour to Gujarat .... Land of rich and unlimited talent.

Gujarat ....... state with unlimited talent ..colors and liveliness. It is blessed with rich and vibrant tradition of Handicrafts. It is widely differing in its proportions of its patterns to the element of wonderful exquisite Artifacts in various forms. It stands unique with diverse arts and crafts – a mixed combination with aesthetic appeal.
It gives you complete home decor and design solutions. Not just only for your home decor in fact you would get complete unique collection of fashion accessories and jewellery. A state full of colors & traditions has many things to give you  to enhance the beauty of your interiors and your fashion. 

  • Needlework
  • Pottery
  • Tie and dye - Bandhani
  • Woodwork
  • Bead work
  • Textile culture
  • Patola
  • Zari
  • Jewellery
  • Temple culture
  • Furnishings
Needlework of Gujarat is famous world over for its elegance and accuracy.  Ari bharat, applique work are unique with its traditional skills. Toran (commonaly known as "bandhanwar") is the most common embroidered doorway decoration with hanging flaps, which is supposed to ventilate good luck. Pachhitpatis (embroidered frieze) are hanged from the corners as a welcome symbol to the visitors. Chaklas (embroidered square pieces) are used as furniture covers while Bhitiya is the impressive wall hanging. Abhala (mirror inset embroidery) has now become a part of the ethnic chic fashion world, where small mirror discs are fixed with closely worked silken thread. Usually the mirror work is done on a dark background with motifs like flowers, creepers, petals, etc. The motifs are inspired by daily life; ancient belief and rituals but they vary from place to place and are passed down over the centuries.

An awesome way to welcome your guests and bring positive energy at your door steps. Uniquely designed and beautifully meant .... by the hard-work and dedication of handicraft workers at Gujrat your door step an atheistic as well as pure look.

Tie and dye - Bandhani
The tie-dyed fabrics of Gujarat are the best produced in India and is demanded all over the world. Bandhani, (the tye and dye fabric) is famous for their intricate designs and patterns. Used as wedding outfits called as 'gharchola odhni' and sarees, they grace every Gujarati family women. Not only for your outfits ... Bandhani work can be also seen for bed spreads , table covers etc . to give a furnishing look to your furniture.

Bead work
Bead-work is another Gujarati specialty . Motifs and patterns are dictated by the technique of putting two and three beads together. Beadwork objects are used in wall decorations, potholders, etc. The best beadwork is produced by the 'kathis' (tribals). Worked mostly on a white background they use colours that are vibrant with very distinct patterns. Beadwork 'torans' are usually placed over doorways.

These bead-work hangings give a a sort of pearl look at your door steps. Magically weaved in a colorful and bonding manner to give colorful look to make your home more lively and beautiful. It can also be used at your offices as all these ritual things brings good luck at your door steps. 

Jewellery / Metal work
The art of making jewellery and precious stone-cutting and processing is a traditional handicraft of Gujarat. The folk jewellery of excellent designs, characteristic of each village and each community is a typical art of Gujarat. It gives you variety  of boxes , metal show pieces , furniture items etc to choose upon the most suitable for your home. Gold, Silver, Iron and brass works are antiquity of Gujarat.

Gujarat offers a wide range of furnishings from simple and elegant cushion covers to quilts and bedcovers in a wide range of styles. Pleasantly embroidered and with micro mirrors, they have geometrical or animal motifs, patch worked, etc.  They come in a variety of styles from simple geometric designs to more complex patterns.

Not only bed covers, table covers can be located but also you get a wide range of table mats & wall hangings to beautify spaces. They have so many simple and beautiful idea's to decor the furnishing of your home. Block printing is one of them. Simple and creative art on fabric. 

The oldest ancient craft and famous Pottery from Gujarat is popular as it achieve excellence with traditional crafts. Village potters turn wonders of clay into artifact pieces that attracts. Clay utensils are made which are used by village homes even today. Terracotta toys are another craft of the potters. 
Potter communities also specialize in mud wall paintings, and you could get plaques, inset with mirrors, made for  house or garden decor .

So......... hmmm.. I know lots of options to choose upon.. for every area of your home... for your kitchen, living room... walls ..doors Now this unique handicrafts mela can be just found in Gujrat. Not only for your home.....infact you can choose few of them to gift your friends and family.

Woodcarving is an ancient art of the state, which has attained a very high standard of technical skill. Some of the best examples of woodcarvings are found in temples and houses in many parts of Gujarat. Most attractive, elegant and attached with the roots of Gujrati culture. 

Mini dinning table for your home. Low height tables are always comfortable and gives a decent looks to the spaces.

Window and wall panelings ...... special carving and traditional looks gives the most different and royal looks to your home and offices. 

Few more handicrafts from the land of culture , colors ... traditions and unlimited talents...... to explore your design idea's and to complete your home decors.

Temple culture
The excavations at the Harappan sites in Gujarat at Lothal, Rangpur, Rozdi etc. have brought to light some of the very ancient handicraft articles. Temple curtains have Goddess Durga riding tiger a well as other illustrations from Puranic legends. It is heavily decorated and embroidered decoration hung over the entrance and is considered a symbol of warm welcome.

Such a rich culture...... bright colors ... vivid choices ..... unlimited collection... but dam uneasy to frame them all in one post itself. Still I tried frame few of them. Hope you liked the mini tour of Gujarat through my post. :) I wish my eyes were cemera and my mind  was a memory card to capture each and everything for you. :) Anyways...... if you ever visit this rich land of talent and choices..... make sure to get world's best handicrafts for your home, offices...... friends and family :) :) 


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