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Lesson 2 - Types of Interiors & Principles to design..!

In my previous post we discussed about "designing n decoration" , "designing elements n principle" and now its time to study further about interior designing. Interior Designing is just not the part of any residential or commercial building its much more and wide than that & for each construction requirements  are different and we need to understand requirement of each and every space according to its purpose and people. Lets first categorize different types of interior's who always wait for a designer to give them a atheistic n useful looks. So here they are :

Residential Designing : Under this category comes all "the habitats" of the people around the world. Weather its small, large or medium in size.. it hardly matters. We need to give our creative skills to all the habitats according to its size , requirement of the people living in  & satisfy the designing needs  of each n every room/residence. At times creating designs may be challenging but that brings out the best of a designer.

Commercial Designing : Hmm.. people working in offices also needs good atmosphere,designed rooms , lobbies , work place , office canteen etc. to work in. Perfect designing not only brings out our creativity n satisfaction but it also help people working in such places to give there best  as directly good interiors makes a very positive physiological impact on person's mind and work. Always remember "happy interiors make people happy" . Under this category not only offices exists in fact this train has many other bogies too .. for example restaurants , hotels , shops and showrooms , shopping malls & cinema plex,  private hospitals & clinics , private colleges & institutions etc. :)

Social / Public  Area Construction/Designing : Here come's something for the govt. owned buildings too, after all designing is just not limited to private sectors and residence. Here at times designing with atheistic factors is not a big deal, in fact usage and quality of material brings a challenging floor for the designer to work on in a limited budget and resources. In this category falls govt. hospitals , school , college , institutions , govt.building of law n orders etc. , railway station , airports and many other small ventures like bus stand , public rest rooms & washrooms etc.

So, after summarizing the area's of designing ... you must be thinking "designing has  spread its branches" all over the construction world. But the good news is that may be these branches are different from each other but they belong to the same roots of designing and principles or points to be taken care of while designing.
Here are the few points which should be taken care  of before each and every construction. But not to be mistaken always remember few common points are applied in all types of space designing but there are personal requirement of each and every space which one should never miss.
  • Proper space planning :  First and the most important tool to scratch the card of success  Proper planning of each & every space give first step to your designing. Never waste an inch .. "each n every inch counts". Designing just not comes with atheistic looks but also comes with the proper use and planing  of the space.
  • Proportionate Planning : While planning size and shape of the space matters the most. Try to accommodate suitable size of furniture,accessories, etc. according to the shape and size of rooms and spaces.
  • Spacey & Airy : Suffocated interiors always bring negative waves to the spaces. One should plane the space with mediums of good air circulation and space management. Under used space is a waste and over used space creates mess. Clumsy interiors can only welcome mishaps in your living.
  • Sufficient Lighting : Always keep good openings to welcome natural lights in your interiors. Let sun rays filter in your rooms or interiors. Not only natural light but even proper artificial illumination is also important. Always plan good lighting arrangements for the space. Dull  and low lights creates negative waves in your sweet and very much owned spaces.
  • Atheistic Components : Have you ever thought why we designers are appointed to manage n design a place, simply.. because interiors not only requires usage factor but they are always starving for good looks and creative skills. Collaboration of Atheistic creative looks and usage brings out the best places in this world. Never miss a point or a place to give your touch of creation and never stop imagining for your design world. Always remember "no design is a waste ever". 
  • Balanced Designing : Over designing can end up to a blunder of mixed n match components of designing disaster.  Balance designing is very important. Never under design or over design a space with your skills.  Proper mix match of patterns , colors , materials etc. can bring the balanced designs for your clients & for your profession. 
  • Budget & Deadline : Hmm m  last but not the least and one more important tool to be taken care of is "clients budget". We cant exceed the given budget but you can off-course complete your work with-in the given budget. Same goes with the deadline..try not to exceed the promised deadline to hand over constructed & designed space to him. Maintain the given deadline by you and maintain the given budget by your client.

This post may help you understand your designing skills better. :) :)
These small tiny things helped me a lot to understand Interior Designing and its magic. But its just a start, there'r  much more wide lessons to learn for designing through experience and study.
Keep Learning..... :) :) :)


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